Bangkok weather: the must know before you visit the city


Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.” Mark Twain

Now let’s go back to our geography class in the fifth grade, the WORLD is sphere. We have something called an equator which divided our world into two parts: Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Next is a thing called Latitude, which can be described as the imaginary line paralleled to the equator; the latitude starts from 0° (at equator) to 90° (at the pole.)

Different countries in the world have different kinds of climate based on this imaginary Latitude line.

Most of countries in north America, Europe, Asia are usually located above 30°N latitude. Hence their climate share a very similar pattern: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

However, as the name of the region in which Thailand located, South East Asia, we have a different kind of climate patterns.

The Bangkok Weather

worldAll regions in Thailand, except the southern area, have only 3 seasons: Winter, Summer, and Rainy. While in southern region, it  has only 2 seasons: Summer and Rainy.

First of all from March to June, it is the time of the HOT AND HUMID SUMMER. It might be hard for some of you to imagine the feeling of the Bangkok weather. If you have been to Florida, it’s pretty much the same. Or I want you to imagine, you go to the bathroom after your grandma just finished washing herself with steaming hot water. That’s pretty much what it will feel like. The temperature is usually around 35°C with around 80% humidity in the air.

Then from mid June to late October, here comes the time of Monsoon. I would guess it rains around 20 days a month, hence the name Rainy season was given. How heavy is the rain? It’s super heavy. But I just start to see the trend recently when it just rains only in the evening when people heading home from work. Anyways, it would rain for only a few hours, which, of course, will leave time for you to explore Bangkok during the morning and early afternoon. How about the temperature? It’s bearable. It’s usually around 30°C and even cooling down to 25°C at night.

Starting from mid November to late February, the cool time of Winter.  The winter in Bangkok, I would describe it as the hot autumn day in San Diego with nice weather and temperature. The temperature is more bearable and won’t go above 30°C. So you can come to enjoy our beautiful sunny days, while your friends at home struggle with their snows. Because of that, winter is the high season for tourism in Thailand.

So now comes the million-dollar question.


A) Hot and Humid Summer

B) Wet Rainy

or C) Bearable Winter

<Drum roll ………>

The answer is all of the above. It’s really depended on you with your lifestyle, your budget, or your travel companions’.

Like many metropolitan city, Bangkok also equips with rich culture, fancy restaurants, night life, or even mega-shopping malls.

So even though it might be hot outside, you can still sip through your Mai Tai while watching people get on with their life. Or if the Bangkok weather is nice outside, you can partake in the walking street at night or maybe visit some rich cultured temples or museums in the day. It’s really up to you to pick.

In conclusion, I hope you will enjoy spending time in Bangkok.



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