Bangkok Skytrain Guide – Fare & Route

As you may not realized yet, I am a big fan of the public transportation. And the easiest and the most stress-free mode that I love is the Bangkok Skytrain or the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System.) In this post, I will provide you the Bangkok Skytrain guide.

Bangkok Skytrain Guide
Traffic Jam in Bangkok

Why using the public transportation good for you?

If this the first time you plan to visit Bangkok, one thing that you should prepare is the madness of the traffic situation in Bangkok. I don’t have much of experiences about other city traffic. However I know one, when I was in the US the worst traffic occurs on the I5 during the rush hour. Normally it takes only 2 hours to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles, but if you hit the jackpot i.e. Friday+rush hour, you can double the time it takes to get there. That’s all my experience with traffic aboard. Let me tell you, people still complains about that.

In Bangkok, sometimes it takes 30 minutes to get just 100 meters. Last time in September 2016, during the storm, I saw a story on Facebook about a guy who stuck in the traffic for 4 hours just to get home from his work, which he says it usually took him 30 minutes. So be prepared if you just want to rely your trip on Taxi during your visit to Bangkok, Thailand.

So I purpose an alternative to travel during you visit to Bangkok.


Please click Here for the detailed/larger map (Link to official site)

Bangkok Skytrain Guide

The Bangkok Skytrains or BTS, has 2 routes. One is called Sukhumvit Line (lighter green) , and another is called Silom Line (darker green). The whole system serves 36 stations. And there is only one connected station between these two lines: Siam station. The fare is increasing depending on the distance of your destination station from your home station. The cheapest is at 15 baht or 50 cents and it will increase until 52 baths or 1.5 dollars. If you plan to travel a lot, it might be a good idea to buy the pass. You can ask for more information at the kiosk on the station. Basically, they will charge you the fixed price at something like 25 baht per one-way, but you have to buy like 25 one-way trips.

In case, you don’t want to buy the pass and just want a normal ticket.

So the way it works is, you see how much you have to pay at the Fare Chart. Then if you have a lot of coins, you can go straight to the ticket machine, which you have punch the “value in term of Baht” in there, then it will give you a ticket. If you don’t carry much of the coins, you can exchange them at the station kiosk. However, at the morning and evening, the line will be really long.

The fare chart, that I show above is from Phaya Thai station, the connected station to the Airport Rail link.


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