National Stadium BTS station Part 1

National Stadium BTS station – How to get here?

National Stadium BTS station is the terminal station of the Silom Line. How to get here? If you are on Sukumvit line, you have to make a transfer at the Siam Station to the Silom Line. However, if you board any station on Silom Line, you just have to make sure that you travel in the right direction. Usually the sign will tell you that that train will go to the National Stadium.

National Stadium BTS station

As the name suggested, there was once the main national station here where all the major league or international events held here. However, nowadays most of the “big” matched will hold at Ramkhamhaeng University with its 50k capacity comparing to the 20k capacity of the national stadium. You still can catch a game on the smaller scale like University level or School level here though.

Inside National Stadium credit: Wikipedia.
Inside National Stadium credit: Wikipedia.

So if you plan to hang out around this area, it might be wise to check if there is any event happens here or not.

National Stadium BTS station – Map and its tourist attraction

Credit BTS official site
Credit BTS official site

As you can see from the above, please click on the image to get a larger version, typical BTS stations will usually have 4 exits labelled as exit 1,2,3, and 4. Now let us dive into the detail of some interesting attractions around this station.

Exit 1 The famous Jim Thompson House & Museum


Open – All days 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

For me, I don’t have anything to add to this place since I haven’t been in there. However, it’s a really neat place (as I can see from the outside) where you can still see an old version of Thai style houses from 100 years ago and a lot of neat stuff. As you can notice, I don’t have a lot of thing to add here :O The entrance fee is at 150 baht or at $4.5 in freedom currency.

To get here, you just have to exit at the exit 1 and you will see the big green sign that said “Jim Thompson House Museum, Open Every Day- All Day 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM.” You will have to walk about 100 meters give or take. However, on the way back after the tour, they have the golf-cart-styled shuttle to take you back to the entrance of the road.

Jim Thompson Direction post at the start of the "Soi"
Jim Thompson Direction post

Another neat thing about this place is it located next to the canal, San Saeb, and near the Hua Chang Bridge Pier. I would not suggest you to travel by boat to come here though. You will know when you visit this place and go near the canal. The canal itself is really smelly, and the boat service doesn’t have a good record on safety either.


Exit 2 The National Stadium

Credit- Wikipedia
Credit- Wikipedia

Open – N/A, just come in the evening when the sun is not so brutal

As I have mentioned previously on the first few paragraphs that is all I know. I’m not really a big fan of sports and when I leave Thailand 7 years ago, our Thai league is still in the development process. But at the same time, you can observe Thais enjoy their evening with some authentic sports here too such kick volleyball or Sepak Takraw. The game is similar to volleyball except you can’t use your hands, you have to use only your feet and your head.


In Part2: Best Pad Thai , I will talk about attractions at Exit 3 and Exit 4

Exit 3 the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Exit 4 the MBK shopping center, where you can score some cool Thai pants+souvenirs and the Best Pad Thai ever period.

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