National Stadium BTS station: Part 2 Best Pad Thai

In this post, I will go over the tourist attractions at the Exit 3 and Exit 4. Specifically, I will also tell you where to get the best Pad Thai (in my own opinion) and some yummy Thai food around this area. So please stick around with me if you want to learn more about that precious information, or you can just skip to last few paragraphs.

After you have exit the National Stadium station on the direction of Exit 3 and Exit 4. Then you will face with about a-quarter-soccer-field-sized elevated walkway/area thing. Sometimes, the various types of exhibitions and shows will be hosted here. If you turn left, you can walk on the connected bridge to enter the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

‘elevated’ street perfomance


Exit 3.1: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Every day except Mondays 10.00-21.00 – Free admission

The building has 9 floors with 1 basement. In the basement, the library is located. On the ground floor (1st floor) to 4th floor is the private art galleries and small crafted shops. You can buy some crafts and trinkets on these floors. The main exhibition halls permit only the A4-paper-sized bag to be carried with you so plan to bring only a few items with you. However, the museum also provides free lockers for you on the 5th floor, so you can also take an advantage of that too.

On the 7th, 8th and 9th floors are the three main halls, which rotates the exhibitions a few times a year. Please check the main official site for the programs. However, all three floors usually hold different exhibitions. The exhibitions are usually from Thai artists with the theme related to Thailand. For example (Oct 16), currently on the 9th hall is hosted the “Unseen Siam,” where they curate photos from 100-150 years ago when Thailand is still referred as Siam. And on the 8th floor, they hold many paintings by PRATEUNG, EMJAROEN.

Here some images from the exhibitions

Exit 3.2: Siam Discovery & Madame Tussauds Bangkok

Every day 10.00-22.00

Siam Discovery is one of the first few Bangkok’s shopping malls. It was built in 1973. However, they just have the major renovation and, right now, it looks very nice and modern. On the top floor is the Madame Tussauds museum in case you want to see wax figures. And they also have a Virgin gym, which is claimed to be the largest in the South East Asia. In there you will find an indoor pool, rock-climbing with auto-belay, and some “Himalaya salt room.”

For the Madame Tussauds, you can check the price in the website above. At the same time, they also have a combo where you can buy, which allows you to visit the Siam Ocean World. However, I don’t think any of that will worth your time and money. Why would you travel to the foreign country just to visit wax figures?

Anyway here are some images for this destination. If you like shopping please follow my blog, we will go over this area one more time in the Siam BTS station post. Since this area has 4 mega connected shopping malls with one with the title of top ten biggest shopping mall in Asia.

Exit 4: THE BEST PAD THAI EVER and MBK shopping center

If you come here just because of the title, here is where you want to spend time reading.

MBK is very famous with its recognizable image that you probably see everywhere when you research the tourist destination in Thailand.

In the MBK, you can find various stuffs and Thai clothes such as those long and comfy pants that you see your friend wear when he visit Thailand or the Muay Thai shorts that your friend gift you. The main area for “Thai” things is on the 5th floor. In this area you can buy almost everything related to clothing that will show very ‘loud’ that you have visited Thailand when you go back home. I recommend you to haggle a little bit like 20%, which seems to be a very reasonable standard. However, if you are very good, you might be able to get 50% or something.

Additionally, there are many money exchange places in MBK. However, I heard you will get the best rate at the “super rich.” You can find them at the Siam BTS station, which is very close to this area.

Credit: google, I can't find the one who takes this photo. It has been reuploaded a lot.
Credit: google, I can’t find the one who takes this photo. It has been reuploaded a lot.


NOW it’s the time for something that’s really important:  FOOD

Besides our rich culture, good weather, beautiful beaches, and fun nightlife, one other thing that is an important factor leading tourists to visit Thailand is Thai food.

Can you name one of the Thai dishes?

I am guessing the top list for most of you will include Pad Thai.

Some Thais don’t like the idea that Pad Thai representing the whole cuisine. Some might feel insulted when you tell them that you just want to eat Pad Thai when you visit Thailand.

The best Pad Thai in my opinion at 70 baht with shrimps or 40 baht without shrimps.
History of Pad Thai

Let’s talk about Pad Thai a little bit. As you may have been aware most of Thai food has to be eaten with rice. However, Pad Thai is different. Why?. It’s because Pad Thai was originated from Chinese dish during the world war 2. The prime minister at that time campaigned Thais to eat noodles in order to reduce rice consumption during that hard time. The dish had been modified to have Thai traits such as adding tamarind juice and fish sauce.

At around the time of world war 2, Thailand also has changed the name from Siam to Thailand. Therefore the dish was given as Pad Thai, which can be literally translated as  Thai Stir-fry to boost our nationalism at tough time.

For me, this dish is the symbol of Thailand because it represents the power of adaptation of Thais, the creativity of Thais and more importantly the proud name given to the dish. So if someone tells you that the best Thai food is not Pad Thai, please them that all the dishes that they have listed are “Siamese” dish, not Thai. That’s just my rant.

How to get here?

So the best Pad Thai is at the store C-15 Oyster Omelet and Pad Thai. To get to this food court, you have to go up to the fifth floor of the MBK. In the food court, you can try and eat many varieties of food without setting your travel budget in red. They also serve other countries’ cuisines such Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and American. So there is totally no reason at all to miss this place just because your friend doesn’t want to that type of foods (they also have many vegan stores).

For Thai cuisine, different types of cuisines: northern, Essaan, or southern styles are also served. In addition, the food court also have Thai dessert stands with a bunch of options for you to pick from either mango sticky rice or some traditional Thai one. Moreover, the price is really cheap and fair. Plus, most of the staffs can communicate in English TOO.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

You can find part 1 Here

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