Thailand Best Tourist sim card – 2016 data and voice

The year 2016, the time when people can just travel with smartphones. In the street nowadays, the tourist walk on the street with the map on their hands are the rare sight to be seen even in Bangkok. A lot of those maps is replacing by smartphones. You just don’t need the mobile (voice) plan anymore, with just the internet you can just use your skype account to call back home. One of the many questions, which got asked a lot in the online platforms about Thailand is what’s the Thailand Best Tourist sim card?

Thailand Best Tourist sim card

Three key players in Thailand mobile service providers

In Thailand we have a few mobile service providers, but there are only three companies covering all the areas in Thailand.

They are AIS, DTAC, and TRUEMOVE.

Currently, all providers are required by laws to submit the user identification to the government. Therefore, when you first purchase the sim card, the shop will ask for your photo id or passport to register the sim card. I suggest get the sim card from the reputable shops (7-11), the official shops, or the official stands that you can find in the BKK airport.


Thailand Best Tourist sim card
# of Cell sites, 2013. Credit:

Many resources which you found online will suggest to get the service provider from AIS. However, I will suggest something else since a lot of those sites is outdated.

AIS is used to be the whole-country service provider in Thailand. Nowadays, its competitor both DTAC and TruemoveH are working hard to compete with AIS. It’s still correct that AIS still has the best coverage in term of voice networks.

However, TruemoveH has gained a lot of service station over the past few years. They have developed a very good service especially for the data type service.

What’s Thailand Best Tourist sim card?

So to answer this question, I have to ask you, what do your prefer?

The green color or red-yellowish color?

Just kidding, if you think you will need the voice to call, then please pick AIS. However, if the main purpose is for googling, skyping and facebooking, then I suggest pick the TruemoveH.

What’s about Dtac? you might ask. They are very good in the city area such Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. However, I heard they are very bad when you go outside the city area. In the case, that you want to do backpacking style up the mountain or the like. Then I would suggest you avoid the Dtac.

But if you are really plan to go to the middle of the forests to camp, I don’t think none of them will work for you either.


They are really cheap and ranging between $5-$30 depending on the service that you choose. For example, I’m using Dtac which cost me about $15 a month for 10 gb of data and 300 mins voice (monthly one).

Let’s see what are they offering now (this post was written on Oct 27, 2016.) If you read this from the far future please click at the website I link to check the current promotion.

I will put this into two categories: short visit (7 days) and long visit (30 days.) They are all prepaid sim, but you still need your passport to verify the service.

For 7 days

ProviderPrice (baht)InternetVoiceNote


299Unlimited*(7 days)100 baht creditFull speed upto 1.5 GB

Happy Tourist SIM 299

299Unlimited**(7 days)100 baht credit*You can order online and pick it up at the airport

**Full speed upto 1.5 GB


Tourist SIM



90 MB (100 mbps)*

1.5 GB (100 mbps)*

20 baht credit

100 baht credit

*1.5 baht per MB overcharge

or look at below table for more

(rule of thumb, 100 baht is about 3 dollar)


For 15 or 30 days



599 (15 days)Unlimited*(15 days)100 baht creditFull speed upto 4 GB

Happy Tourist SIM 599

599 (15 days)Unlimited*(15 days)100 baht creditFull speed upto 4 GB

Tourist SIM

150* (valid 7 days)

300* (valid 10 days)

450* (valid 15 days)

750* (valid 30 days)

1.5 GB

2.5 GB

4 GB

9 GB

*Require Basic SIM card from TuremoveH Tourist SIM 49 or 299

So as you can see here, since the price for AIS and Dtac is pretty much the same. Moreover, AIS kinda covers way more area than Dtac. I would suggest you cross out Dtac choice.

Now it’s just the matter of how much you plan to use the data. You just have to pick between AIS and TruemoveH.

By the way, in Thailand SMS is very pricey to use. So I recommend you stop texting (SMS) and use many other messenger apps to chat with your friends instead.


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