Phaya Thai BTS station: Things to do Part 1/2

Phaya Thai BTS


Phaya Thai BTS station is an important station connecting the BTS system with the Airport Rail Link. You can reach this station by the train from BKK – Suvarnabhumi Airport in 30 minutes.

Benefiting from the Airport Rail Link, many hostels which popping up around here are costing at the average price of 350 baht/night ($10.) Besides the hostels, there are also other accommodations such as the Sukosol hotel ($100+) and many short/long termed condominiums (airbnb option for $15+ per night.)

Even though, the only interesting tourist attraction that can be reached within the walking distance from this station is Suan Pakkad (Cabbage Garden) Palace museum. On the other hand, you can also reach other attractions in 10 minutes of bus ride from the nearby bus stop. Other attractions include Wat Benchamabophit, Parusakawan Palace, Police Musuem, Ananta Samakhom Thron Hall of Dusit Palace, Dusit Zoo and Vimanmek Mansion (Closed for renovation.)


Exit 1 – Soi Ging Petch (Petchaburi 5 Alley)

Petchaburi 5 alley or Soi Ging Petch is a nice spot that you can come and enjoy typical Thai food. Due to the number of low-cost apartments and housing, this area is very popular for office workers and students. Located in the center of the Muslim neighborhood, most of the restaurants and shops here do not serve pork. Some of the food that you can find here are consisting of the most common food that we, Thais, have for dinner.

To reach this area, you have to take the exit 1 and then walk through Phaya Thai Plaza. At the gate at the end of Phaya Thai Plaza, you just need to walk 1 additional block along the alley, and then you will reach this Soi Ging Petch. I recommend you to visit this alley in the evening — after 6:30 pm.


Exit 2 – Hostels

At the exit 2, there are many hostels locating in this area. At the time, I’m writing this blog. There are at least 2 more hostels under construction. Some of the hostels here are also offering the private room option and daily baggage deposit.

As I have mentioned in the introduction, you will find most of the beds in this area to be around $10. The price might be higher comparing to other area, but with its good location, you won’t find a better deal than this except in Kao San area (if you like partying every day and every night.) In addition to the hostels, there are also 3 convenience stores located within the walking distance, so you can buy toiletries, snacks, beers or Thai sim cards too.

 Exit 3 – Suan Pakkard (Cabbage Garden) Palace Museum

Admission Fee: 100 baht (with free personal guide)

Open every day 9.00 am – 4.00 pm



Five minute walk from the Exit 3 along the Si Ayutthaya Road located Suan Pakkad Palace Museum. Suan Pakkad literally means cabbage garden. The name given for this place is originated from the fact that many Chinese grew a lot of cabbages in this area during the WW2 period. Prince Chumbhot Paribatra of Nagor Svarga, grandson of the King Rama V, purchased this land to become his residence. The Prince then moved his former home, which once belonged to his royal father, the son of King Rama V, from Nakorn Pathom to this area.

In this museum, you will have a chance to witness the ancient Thai houses from 100 years ago, which once belonged to the prince’s father. The prince was probably the first few people in Thailand who has a hobby as a collector during that time. The museum is divided into 11 sections consisting of many collections from his personal gallery.

His collections are ranging from Banchiang pottery (the civilization from thousands of year ago), Thai musical instruments, collections of rocks and minerals, fine pentachromatic porcelains, old Buddhist scrolls, household items from decades ago, art forms about Khon, and prehistoric artifacts. You can also witness the 17th century Lacquer Pavilion which was moved from City of Ayudhaya, the capital of the former dynasty. In the wall of this pavilion, you will discover the mural paintings with gold on black lacquer depicting the life of Lord Buddha and Ramayana stories.

In the next part Phaya Thai BTS part 2/2, we will board Thai bus and explore many places near the Rama V statue

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