About Me


I’m an amateur photographer by heart, but a researcher by trade. I love to travel and enjoy sightseeing. I’m in Thailand right now, and I think what a better way to share the love of this country to you other than provide you with a travel guide. By the way I’m Thai.

The name is Jay. That was the nickname by the way. Like many Thai people I also have long first name. Do you know what people say about a guy with long first name??? He also has a long last name 😉

I spent my teen years (17-24) in the United States. I lived in Oregon, Virginia, and California. One thing that I love the most about the American people is their passions with outdoors. 

So here it is, while waiting for my employment with my government. I decide to write a blog and a travel guide for all of you out there, who may one day stumbles upon this page while researching a way to get the most from Thailand.

PS. Please excuse my grammar! If you find some parts those are really irritating you, you can send me an email so I can fix it for you.

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